FSAssistant for iPad

Newly released to join the ever increasing number of iGadget utilities to assist the MSFS pilot, FSassistant from Timon van Rooijen is an iPad only application that covers quite an array of tasks and functions.

With the list of features including a moving map that shows AI traffic, route search/planning, charts and checklist display and CDU integration with the PMDG B737NGX packages, FSAssistant is available through Apple’s iTunes store.

For more information, please click the “Read More” button below for the full press release.

Press release:

FSAssistant: a new digital flightbag app for the iPad has been released!

FS-Assistant will assist you in your basic requirements while flightsimming to make supporting tasks a bit easier. You can now actively use your iPad while flying, just as more and more airlines out there are starting to do. Get direct access to checklists, charts, manuals or even program failures without touching Flightsim itself.

The app currently includes the following features:

– Integrated routeplanner (based on Route-Finder by Davide Giacopello).
Plan your route and directly import it into your FMC to use as company route!

– Realtime moving-map including your airplane and all AI planes in a certain(eg. 150km) radius. Get detailed info on each plane like altitude, heading, and route information.

– CDU simulator with direct access to your airplane! This requires the PMDG 737NGX to be installed. Get direct access to your FMC and program/load routes, view your progress and
get direct access to failures/fuel etc.

– The charts and Checklist database can be used to manage all of your airport, taxi, departure and approach charts or even all checklist and procedures for your airplane. You are able to import any PDF HTML or TXT document and view it fullscreen in an uncluttered interface. Or just have the planes QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) nearby !

FS-Assistant is in active development! Developers are working to re-iterate on current functionality and expand it with new features based on community feedback. A plugin for Radarcontact is on the scopes, as well as a plugin for IVAO.

The app is delivered with an addon-module for Flightsimulator to feed it with information and requires FSUIPC (free) to operate correctly.

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  1. Downloaded. Anybody got it working? How to make that thing with the server???

    THANKS 😉

  2. @Nicolas83,

    Yep, you need to create exe.xml and mimic the structure of dll.xml but change the ‘filename’ tag to exe.xml…

  3. i take a chance, i saw your application fsassistant for ipad, is it possible in the future to buy this application for Playbook from Blackberry, thank in advance .

  4. I cannot install the PC application at all. Kept being told “Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use”

    Also I failed miserable to edit the XML.EXE file. I assumed I would have to download an XML editor utility but Nicola ssems to know a workaround . I would be grateful for a little more detail.

    It sure isn’t a plug and run setup – while devs are fixing and developing I suggest they create a total installer.

  5. I’m having troubles too. Very similar to those articulated already. Have emailed the developer but no response. I’m just glad I bought though iTunes, they are usually very good with refunds.

  6. Hopefully, the formatting in this will work…


    Basically, open the folder %AppData%\Microsoft\FSX in explorer, and create a new text file called EXE.txt and open it in notepad

    Then paste in something like:


    FS Assistant

    If you didn’t put the fsAssistant.exe server in your Modules directory, you’ll need to change that part.

    Then save and in explorer rename the file to EXE.xml

    Start FSX, and it should prompt you as to whether or not to run fsAssistant.exe, and then whether to always trust it, just like whenever you install any DLL based module.

    That *should* be it.

    It seems to work ok, but can crash FSX if you try either the FMS or the route loader without having NGX, I’ve also had occasions where it freezes movement on AI aircraft, probably when they go out of range and get unloaded from FSX and fsAssistant doesn’t see it for some reason.

  7. For fairness. I did get hold of the developer and he’s trying to help me but remains a little puzzled with my situation. I will try your suggestions Nicola.

  8. Same here, just purchased the app and now cannot get the FSX plugin so it is a waste of money, wow poor support.

  9. Jeff, would be happy to email you what I have if you can give me your email address somehow?

  10. Hi Jay
    I have the FsAssistant app, but just need the FSX plugin. If you have that and are willing, you can send it to
    Much appreciated and I hope the developer fixes the website.

  11. And FS Assistent is withdrawn. No further info found, but it is suggested that the author Tim van Rooijen violated the EULA from PMDG.
    i think he should refund his customers…

  12. Get in contact with the iTunes store Paul. They are in the process of refunding my £1.99. I’ll be rich once again 🙂

  13. My Question is, why should anybody have to tweak anything to make a download work from any developer ?? IF the developer would of Developed whatever they were supposedly developing Right in the 1st place,, it shouldn’t be OUR job to Re-Develop the Developers supposed file, because they didn’t want to take the time to do it right in the 1st place ~ !!!! Just like som,e of these AIRCRAFT I’m seeing , claiming their for FSX, when their really 2004 or earlier and in an entirely different file format than what FSX Calls for, yet, you read their titles and Descriptions of the download and its misleading. Most of the ones I’m seeing are coming out of Foreign Countries with an EMail address ending in U or AU,, or DE,,, at the end of the email address. Its Equivelent to trying to stick a 13″ tire on a 15″ Rim,, and mis labeling it so you’ll think its for a 15″ rim when it not. It ain’t gonna work properly, if at all,,,, sometimes a 2004 aircraft might show up/ maybe not ,,, but theres a big difference in file structure between Bipmap Textures and DDS textures ,, some of these Developers need to realize that, and we’d rather fly than have to play Doctor with our Simulators because of their inability to properly make the files and / or – falsify what the download actually represents just to get hits for their download , enough is enough ! come on’ guys, none of us want our sims messed up,,, and spend hours trying to fix something that you should of done right in the 1st place !!!

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