Aerosoft AES Updated to Version 2.14

Oliver Pabst has been hard at work again and has brought his Airport Enhancement Services product, published by Aerosoft, up to version 2.14.

With a list of new and updated airports far too long to post here, even behind a “Read More” tag, we’ll just point you at the release notes and the product page at simMarket, where you can buy more credits to activate them all!

0 Responses

  1. Dear friends, the airports supported link it’s related to 2.13 version, could you update this important information?


  2. Do you mean here, or on the product page at simmarket?

    I’ve checked all the links I can find and they all say 2.14. Is it possible you or your ISP have an old version cached?

  3. Can’t beleave, the KLAX of FSDT is not covered by AES, or there are a mistake in the airpost list?

  4. To quote the release notes:
    KLAX from FSDreamteam is not included, I still wait fort he promised sending of the needed Data.
    When I get them, the airport will follow next time.

    That’s been there since the first time I read them and hasn’t changed. Sorry!

  5. Thank you for your response, surely a lot of simmers still waiting the KLAX coverage.

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