Onet Valley Phnom Pehn

The second release in less than a week from scenery developer Onet Valley takes us to the Cambodia’s capital, on the banks of the Mekong, with VDPP – Phnom Penh International Airport.

With Phnom Penh being a long time popular destination for tourists, VDPP has been undergoing a major reconstruction programme since the mid-1990s which has changed the airport massively since the days when it was known as Pochentong International Airport.

Onet Valley’s FSX scenery is made up primarily of custom Gmax objects including ground polygons and custom lights and lines. More details, screenshots and purchase information can be found here.

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  1. Yup. My turn to have geography marks taken off me.

    I was reading two pages at once for two different sceneries and got the two crossed somewhere in the middle. My wrist is formally slapped!

  2. The support from Onet Valley is very bad!!! I have never had any email response from this author, even I contacted him a couple of times. Won’t be buying anything from Onet Valley anymore, if support is just a mess! Actually I like his sceneries very well, since I am living in South-East Asia 🙂

    Also their installer was not being checked before release (for example ONET VALLEY – SURAT THANI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT), and I got trouble in the beginning as well, since it didn’t work out! Now it has been fixed lately, after few punishments to SimMarket 🙂

    Please, be carefully.


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