Day: December 13, 2011

simMarket Newsletter December Week 2

Don’t stress too much with limited date of order for guaranteed Christmas delivery at home. simMarket largest catalogue of download products have all the necessary

Vertigo Van’s RV-8/RV-8A for MS FSX

Whether you’re a fan of tricycle or taildragger general aviation aircraft, you may well want to take a look at the latest release from Vertigo;

IVAO Crowded Skies 8 on Dec. 18th

More than establishing a record of simultaneous virtual pilots connected to IVAO network, Crowded Skies event aims at a very large ATC coverage and numerous flights

ESC Sceneries – Cities of Italy vol.2

It’s an Italian scenery, and made of photoreal textures… but what are the exact cities coverage and the precise features included ? Bari, Lecce and

Frankfurt Egelsbach preview

Did you really need me to specify who is the publisher ? Let’s see … Frankfurt is in Germany, preview teasing method.. And it’s Mathijs

FTX New Zealand South preview

If you don’t fly to New Zealand in real life, its virtual landscapes will come to to you. Have a closer look at FTX NZ

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