Drzewiecki Design – Krakow Balice EPKK 2012 FS2004

A new Drzewiecki airport scenery can be used by FS2004 pilots. File a flight plan to Krakow, the second most important airport in Poland.

It’s another detailed and great looking photoreal scenery, for FS2004 only at this time (and for FSX later). Roofs are covered of snow in Winter season.


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  1. It really is an outstanding addon, one of the best for the MFS series ever.
    It is worth mentioning, though, to avoid a misleading impression, that the FSX version will also come. Probably in February 2012.

    1. True, I wrote that it was for 2004 only AT THIS TIME … and only the people who know well Drzewiecki could understand there would be a FSX version as well later. Now it is clear for everyone.

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