More Freeware Sceneries (AKA The Editor Being Slightly Cheeky…)

It’s bad form to advertise your own stuff on the news page, I know… Especially when what you’re advertising isn’t really that good, but hey, indulge me for thirty seconds and then you can be politely sarcastic (but keep it within the rules, please!) via the “comment” button below if you want.

For some time now, I’ve been creating basic, but apparently filling a hole in the market, WW2 era sceneries for FSX.  They are mainly within the UK, but occasionally head overseas and regularly into the realms of fantasy. There are even a few modern ones there fixing such problems as the incorrect Enniskillen and completely missing Lower Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, or putting RAF Air Sea Rescue stations in to fly appropriately liveried Merlins or Sea Kings from.

If you are interested, screenshots for most and information and download links for all can be found here. Comments field is below… Remember, sarcasm allowed, downright rudeness will result in use of moderation tools.

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