XP Catalina Splashes Down at simMarket


Newly available through simMarket for X-Plane 9 or later is’s Consolidated PBY Catalina – The iconic 1930s-designed flying boat best known for its transport, patrol and reconnaissance duties on behalf of most Allied nations during World War II.

With many “Cats” surviving the war intact, they were sold on into civilian hands and numerous examples still fly today. With this in mind, have included  seven versions; Military, 2 Civilian, 2 Water Bomber, Modern, and the actual ‘9767’ after which the model is created.

With paint kits for all versions, water bomber operations and documentation derived from the real aircraft, check the Catalina out and purchase your copy here.

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  1. Sorry, but this plane comes a little bit late to the party. Aerosoft did publish a Catalina more than a year ago which is of a very high standard and looks way better than this one. So, if you come late, you’d better be better than that.

    1. Now go back and read the article and look which sim it is for.

      Where’s Aerosoft’s Catalina

        FOR X-PLANE

      again? 😉

  2. You’re absolutely right, I omitted the fact that it’s for X-Plane. I do own the Aerosoft Catalina and while I have to admit that the 3D modeling and the animations of the Hydroz version are really nice, the textures are wasting the look compared to the Aerosoft version. Since I also use X-Plane beside FSX, I will buy the Hydroz version too in order to compare them a bit more. It will also be a good opportunity to check the X-Plane flight model against the FSX one.

  3. I’ll admit, I could have made it more obvious – I’ll edit the article to make sure.

    It may just be me, but I’m not sure that the cabin of the Hydroz model is actually textured in the video, it may just be modelled? However I’m also not sure that the Aerosoft FSX version has the cabin modelled at all? I may be wrong on either of those, so am open to correction…

    Cheers and I hope you enjoy both aircraft! (I can’t start the Aerosoft one at the moment. I’ll work out what I’m doing wrong when I need to use it again for something.)

  4. Our Catalina cockpit is fully modeled (and fully functional with 400+ animations and 120+ sound effects) and if you compare the two you will see there is rather a big difference between the level of detail. The product on offer is a fine Catalina for X-Plane, if it is a fine simulated Catalina I will leave to the reviewers who will have to compare the two.

    If you want to compare how things look I kindly invite everybody to check out the product pages and above all the screenshots. Make up your own mind.

    Of course if there is any issue starting the Catalina, just use the interactive checklist that will show if there is anything you might have forgotten.

  5. I agree Mathijs, and I was referring to the cabin, aft of the cockpit door. That was what I’m not sure whether is modelled or not on the Aerosoft aircraft – I’ve spent enough time in the cockpit on and off recently, trying to work out why, following the checklist line by line, I still can’t get the thing to work for me. 😉

    Anyway, my inability to drive an FSX model is slightly beside the point. I have put the words “X-Plane” more clearly in the article and apologise for any confusion caused.

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