Aerosoft Show off X-Plane 10 on Video

Those considering a move to the new version of X-Plane, whether it be from an earlier version of XP or from the MSFS series, might be interested in Aerosoft’s latest video, uploaded to YouTube earlier today, showing Laminar’s new sim in all its glory.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on regarding simulation and the differences between the various developers’ platforms, you have to admit that XP looks phenomenal on a modern PC.

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  1. In my humble opinion, X-Plane 10 will evolve to be the new sim of choice over Microsoft Flight. As I understand it, Flight is not a global sim. It only covers certain areas and is focused not on flight simmers, but on the gaming community as a whole. This is where Microsoft really “screwed the pooch” and left an opening for X-Plane to become the new sim for us traditional flight simmers. FSX and FS9 will continue to be in use for some time, but because of Microsoft and their decision to abandon the traditional platform on which FSX and FS9 where built, X-Plane 10 will now fill that role. Sorry Microsoft. You really blew it.

  2. XP10 plausible world is an innovation. Clouds puffs as well even though they would not look like the ultra real RIX…

    I tried the demo on my :
    i7 2600K O/C to 4.8 GHZ
    8 GB DDR3 1600
    ASUS P8P67 Pro
    MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Hawk OC 950MHZ 1GB GDDR5
    2 x 1 TB Hard Drive
    Win 7 Home Premium

    Without HDR enabled, performance is fair within the demo ranges. I had most graph settings toward the max values however, without HDR there is a major problem: the world is dark even in mid day no clouds. It lacks sunlight effect…
    So in order to have the vivid lighting of mid day sunlight, you need HDR enabled. But this comes at a price; major drop in performance…

    XPlane 10 at night is amazing, very true to life especialy if you fly low over the urban areas that is the plausible world + HDR that renders very impressive lights effects…

    The forests and parks are a little dull, perhaps the trees objects are not very variated…

    The aircraft featured seem the same as V9…?

    I could not underestand the idea of the AI planes being limited to multi CPUs or cores or whatever the concept was and to have them fly like the main aicraft… Will this allow the developement of complex A.I packages like the ones for FS or it will not be possible?

    I heard from those who received the Global version DVDs reporting that XP10 is bugy and lacks finished content… I heard complaints about ATC not functioning and other features like flight planning should be done outside the software etc etc

    The reception of XP10 is not smooth, I paid for my Global copy but I am scared with the feedbacks I hear from those who already got theirs running… Sounds like making the same scary noise FSX made when it was released back then 🙂

  3. I’ve been faithful to MS FS before it was MS’, my first introduction was either FS1 or 2 on a friend’s pc, was hooked beyond slvation and my first own version was pirated FS3 (I bought all versions from FS5.0 on). This to show how accomodated to one platform I’ve become. I saw X-Plane being born, I believe as freeware then. “Laminar research? Thats interesting!” Resisted, didnt even try it. FS kept growing and growin, to our delight, so did X-plane. Flight unlimited came, I tried all of them, so did ProPilot 1 and 2. Always came back to FS (actually, never left). Then finally news came of the end of FS world in 2012 with MS Flight, only hawaii Surviving. The end of the world as we know it..! Made a survival plan: keep my old pc running for FS9 and save for a new one for FSX to last for many years to come. BUT THEN I just saw this video. And it looked quite good (except for the daylight, feels as gloomy as FS future). I can see myself for the first time giving X-Plane a try.

  4. Hi Alex

    The gloomy daylight of XPlane can be fixed somehow using the HDR option if it is supported by your GPU.

    But at the same time HDR is a frame rate eater and if you add some layers of clouds or real weather, you will get slide shows even on a fairly powerful i7

    XP10 release reminded me of FSX when it was released and the poor performance it had…


  5. Oh man Xplane 10 is soo buggy :((
    Last time I buy the first release. I have been trying to complete a flight all day and always ends up crashing the full application.

    ATC is really buggy as well, enters in this loops where you can never acknowledge, clears you for takeoff and when you are rolling clears you for taxi and keeps like that even if you are flying.

    The planes suck as usual but the scenario is great. VSync is difficult to keep if you use a good configuration (not even tried HDR).

    I am also trying MS Flight Beta and so far:

    MS Flight winnning on these areas:
    – Scenario detail and quality is superb in MSFlight, but only Hawaii on the beta so let’s see
    – Performance is much better in MSFlight with all the graphics on
    – Aircraft detail and 3D cockpits are superb

    Xplane winning on these areas:
    – The new scenario modelling with cars and roads is great
    – The flight model is really good, not to compare with MSFlight game feeling (rather than real flying)
    – Weather in XPlane is awesome, excellent clouds
    – You have the whole world and that’s good

    To be honest I will wait for a patch on XPlane and the final release of MSFlight, stil undecided!

  6. Got myself a copy of X plane 10 … dumped this in the closet because assigning my X52 joystick is a week works … never going to even bother to try and get the hang of it …

  7. …Finaly got my XP 10 global, 8 DVDs took me about 3 hours to install to finaly discover that, xp10 has a plausible world with one season all over the year… So don’t bother set a real weather winter flight in Canada for example, because there will be no snow on earth… no fall or spring either…

    So what where thesr 8 DVDs for no idea..

    Also no default terminals or buildings in the world airports, major or not, airports are just runways and taxiways… no parking areas assigned either… Thus no gates

    atc is buggy and seems unfinished…

    A.I concept is bizarre…limited to few planes aroynd acting weirdly…

    flight planning?…

    i should have not spent my 90$ canadian on it…

    so go to the forums and read carefuly the complaints before buying or uninstalling FSX

    Not a good way of releasing a software

  8. That is odd.. 90$ canadian and it lacks all that which we’ve been taking for granted in MS FS? Well, the Aces team had Microsoft backing them up with top resources for a top notch product. X.Plane 10 team surely isn’t that fortunate and progress is slower.. I’m sure X.Plane 10 will be able to rise and replace FSX if MS really abandons the ship but maybe not right now unless one’s willing to accept those limitations…

  9. Yes indeed it is odd to people who come from MSFS like me…

    For those who are part of XP community, they accept naturaly the fact that they can pay that much for an incomplete product..

    I heard one XP fan only objecting to the release and
    underestanding the frustration of the new customers (including those coming from FSX)since XP10 is advertised as the “next best thing after sliced bread” as the user stated 🙂 yet it does not meet the expectations of those who know the features of FS and expect the same after following the XP10 marketing campaign…

    It sounds as if Laminar is selling a Beta for people to test and troubleshoot for the whole life of the 10 version…

    Yes it is a fact that Laminar can not be compared to former ACES backed by MS in terms of resources and/or budget but since Laminar positioned itself, marketing wise, as a competitor to MSFS by inviting people from FSX to XP and by delivering a package that looks like FS in terms of features (from its advertisment), then I think, professionaly speaking they must deliver completed content…

    So XP is no more like the old days when it used to be an “Indie Simulator”… It is now a commercial one advertised in a sort of overconfident manner, delivered with 8 dual layers DVDs, however lacking the finished basic features for the price they ask for…

    It will certainly be the last time I invest in XP unless they become more professional in the way they handle their commercial product and delivering a basic completed software for customers who do not want to buy a beta…


  10. …BTW, I hope someone will make a detailed and fair and deep review of XP10 on public flight simulation websites soon talking about the things XP10 lacks compared to FSX so FS users can make their mind and not throw their money on a XP10 just based on the hype or its advertisement…

  11. X-Plane has always been an “airflow” simulator more than a “world” simulator, as the developers’ company name (after laminar flow) implies.

    Therefore it has been lagging a long way behind the MSFS series in the scenery and AI stakes for a long time – it’s not just lack of developers and money, it’s also a lack of inclination; the world has never been the priotity, always coming well down the list behind flight dynamics.

    I don’t have the release version of XP10, so will not be reviewing it in an unbiased way or otherwise, but I’m sure other people will very soon.

    I do agree that Austin’s hype and marketing spiels have always promised far more than the product has delivered, for as long as I have known X-Plane. It is catching up, though, slowly, with each version and the more developers and publishers get involved, such as Aerosoft now are, the better it will get.

  12. XPlane evolved from the “indie simulator” that focuses on airfoils simulation with a geeky engineering friendly code to a cleary advertised and sold equivalent of an MSFS

    Lately Laminar preached FSX users to covert and offered XP9 as a better replacement to FSX…

    If their stragey has to be this way, then indeed they need to deliver an equivalent basic content like FSX for the money they charge…

    People who pay 90$ let’s say for the simulator as advertised expect to have all the basic content staight on the DVDs, ready to be used. They might not want to spend extra money on 3rd party add-ons to complete the software they paid for and thought complete…

    I just think FSX or MSFS people in general should look carefuly at discussions on forums to see what is lacking in XP10 before buying… Perhaps the idea of just having engineering code in the aerodynamics simulation is for some worth the cost of an XP10 global copy, not for me :)!


  13. with almost 80gb of harddisk space but only cover 1 season, no airport building and terminal, raw color of water is black and purely rely on reflection to “shade” its color, some complain the flight dynamic model is terrible, still in beta form (even the newly release “patch” itself also in beta form!)… those fsx user with lots of addons should think carefully before spending money on this platform.

  14. not to mention that the cockpits in XP10 seem to have been drawn by an 11 year old designer, they really suck. Let’s wait for MSFlight, I still have hope.

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