Iris Silence Twister Version 3

Bored of your usual aerial mount? Fancy trying something a little different? Well, if you’ll pardon the pun, here’s an update to an aircraft with an unusual ‘twist’ for you to check out.

Iris Simulations’ Pro Series Silence Twister is a scaled-up version of the world-beating model aerobatic aircraft, developed by Thomas and Matthias Streiker in Germany. Updated to Version 3, but still only available for MS FSX SP2 or Acceleration before the FS2004 types ask, the Twister now comes with three engine options from an 80hp Jabiru to the slightly less sane RR300 Turboprop, alternate textures for those whose machines won’t cope with the default 4096×4096 and a model swapper to allow for direct integration of 3rd party gauges, amongst other features.

To see more and purchase, click here.

0 Responses

  1. Bought this modle and it looks great,but the landing gear and flaps don’t work. Also the whole screen jumps around constantly. To bad such a nice aircraft doesn’t work properly.

  2. George, Where did you buy it from and can you make sure that the installer clearly says version 3.0 on it. I think you might have an earlier version.

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