PMDG goes classic with the DC-6B

Over at their support forum at Avsim, Robert Randazzo of PMDG has announced that their “Secret Project #1” is not, as many expected, another modern airliner, but instead one from an earlier age – the Douglas DC-6B Cloudmaster.

According to this thread (which is at three pages and extending fast, predictably), while the DC-6B will be designed to have system depth, it won’t be aimed at directly competing with A2A Simulations‘ Accu-Sim lineup so there won’t be a failures module. Even without failures or a Heidi-a-like, however, this one will probably be a very popular choice.

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  1. DrBackJack I believe I read the model is FSX native so I would doubt that. It’s a pity, because I’d like to fly it in my GoldenWings install but unlike sceneries, aircraft for both versions aren’t so common.

  2. All you Propliner fanatics out there, I just recently purchased the Vintage Douglas DC-2 Propliner from Flight 1 Software, (29.95 us dollars), and am quite impressed wioth it, it has a great Cockpit photo real Textures Complete VC ( virtual Cockpit), and True Radial Engine sounds ! and you can get about 39 different paint schemes for it by searching for it on AVSIM’s web site – and it comes in both a 2004/FSX version. Flight 1 Software / DC-2 .

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