Developers mind about MS Flight

Only the people selected for Beta test and a few other in cooperation with Microsoft Games Studios have been able to have their hands on Flight, and make their own mind about it.

The rest have only the official facts sheet recently published by Microsoft, and the preview videos. We found interesting to link here some of the most famous developers mind about MS Flight.

You’ll read that all of them agree to define Flight as a game and not a sim, and that none of them will be able to provide any add-on for Flight, due to Microsoft commercial and technical conditions. Instead of that, they will keep on developing for FSX for sure, and depending on the team, you can add Prepar3D, X-Plane 10 or even FS2004.


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  1. I knew when I heard that nobody would be able to have add on’s that it wasn’t going to Fly, and available only as a download from M/S. The other thing that turned me off about Flight was nobody was saying what File format any of the aircraft & scenery would be in, would it stay in DDS format or go back to bitmap format? for repainters of aircraft & scenery this could be a huge major problem and developers and Videographers as well, who make flight videos ! Not to mention if they came out with an entirely different file structure and format, that wouldn’t support TRACKIR and FRAPS – it’d be Worthless , and I have yet to find anybody say if FLIGHT supports any of those and works well ! I’ll be sticking with my very last Flight Simulator I’ll ever be buying FSX GOLD Edition, I have too much money wrapped up in it to flop over to some other CHEESY Sim/ Game like FLIGHT ~ !

  2. TrackIR may work, FRAPS almost definitely will.

    There is NO external development allowed – the only add-ons, barring a massive change of heart from MS and a dramatic change of direction – will come from MS, or through MS from “invited” developers.

    No repaints except those created and distributed by MS.
    No sceneries except those created and distributed by MS.
    No aircraft except those created and distributed by MS.
    No add-ons at all except those created and distributed by MS.

    Given that so many people have stated these, I really do not believe that anyone is still asking what format the files will be in!

  3. It comes out in a couple of weeks – then you’ll be able to try it for yourself and see what happens. Possibly what I should have said above is no >legal< content except that created/distributed by MS. Any software can be cracked and worked around if you work hard enough. The question is, why would you want to, when there are other, much more open and from the comments made during beta much better in terms of simulation, platforms available to you?

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