X-Plane 10 Global : the final release

Great news, X-Plane 10 in its final release is now ready for shipping in its metal case. It takes advantage of multi-core setup and can display a dense and live world around you, still with high accurate flight behaviour and opened for external creations of aircraft, sceneries and tools.

The community around X-Plane has always kept growing, and now provides many add-ons, freeware or payware, and some of them reach a high level of quality with numerous features you may be looking for (CRJ-200, the future ATR 72 etc..).

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  1. Very nice video and funny to see the UA 747 demontrating the A.I feature just himself only :)… Trying to like it after buying it and I still can’t find anything I can enjoy in it beside limited circtuits around Seattle area… So I wish it was an overall ready to use and complete out of the box simulator for the price and for what FSX used to offer as a world wide simulation package for the same price… XP10 has innovative graphic elements but they are just there as a seed to something that maybe will be developed by users… I have no patience to wait for XP10.99 🙂

  2. Outside of FSX, there is no other global sim available to most of us other than the Lockheed sim which is out of reach for most and has applications for more professional use. So, it looks like this is it. Either FSX or X-Plane 10 Global. Take your choice. As developers jump on board with X-Plane 10, we will see addons that will enhance this sim to a great extent.

  3. It is a pain to have to take a few steps back from FSX or FS9 to X-Plane but it does show a LOT of potential and there are awsome scenes in this video (I had alread read that night flying was out of this world). I can see myself going this way eventually.

  4. Yes I should have mentioned that indeed night flying is very realistic in XP10, very true to life.

  5. LoL @ the Final Release.
    This is Beta quality at best as Laminar themselves will freely admit.

  6. Well, ok, everything is not perfect, for sure. But at least we have a studio which has delivered a platform with high potential and unlike Microsoft will support it in the future with constant development which will bring us enhancements and new features during the whole lifecycle of this version and beyond. Most of the famous FSX developers have now committed to support X-Plane in the future and I am grateful that we still have one serious simulator platform which has a future beyond the next three years. Nobody is obliged to switch right now, but at least there is a choice and it’s becoming better and better with every month passing.
    Cheers X-Plane.

  7. Right! The add-on companies would be insane not to make the switch to X-plane. At least there is still hope for X-plane XI, and XII, etc, whereas FSX will remain just that, X forever. And what’s more, they got the boot from MS and Flight!, didn’t they?

  8. “Not perfect”? X-Plane may look nice (although I regularly disagree with the much vaunted flight models) but it has a massive catch up job to do before it’s worth looking at for VFR scenery developers.

    Getting rid of the “implausible world” and replacing it with accurate data and a landclass rather than procedural system would be a start.

  9. Yes XP10 has allot of Potential but the V10 is not ready yet as an out of the box replacement to FSX… One must be patient to wait for some updates to round its corners etc…

    Even without Add-ons, it should have an overall comprehensive usability but for now it does not…

    It feels as a half sim engine and half end user simulator… It is in between these two categories for now and not clearly either…

    But yes it has allot of potential technologicaly…

    And I hope Laminar will act a little more professionaly in the way they will design and deliver an overall completed set of features…Also the overconfident tone and sometimes childish technique of marketing and advertising XP gets on my nerves…

  10. I think there is foreshadowing in this video for Laminar’s next release – “Semi-truck Madness”.

  11. Simulating flying an aircraft is about a huge amount more than just the FDE. If it wasn’t, pilots wouldn’t have to pass quite so many exams before getting a license!

    – You HAVE to be able to navigate VFR.
    – You HAVE to be able to operate an airborne radio, interacting with realistic amounts of other air and ground stations.
    – You HAVE to be able to interact with varying weather conditions that affect both the air around the aircraft and the ground (e.g. snow cover).
    – You HAVE to have systems depth that allows you to correctly interact with the aircraft you are supposed to be flying.

    While third party add-ons are finally adding systems depth, XP’s core development even at version 10 is still concentrating on flight dynamics while completely ignoring the fact that it is only part of simulating flying and flight.

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