ArmA3 production update

Again, this is slightly off the beaten track for simFlight, but once again, there is also a more than tenuous link between military simulator Armed Assault 3 and flight simulation – that link is ArmA developers Bohemia Interactive‘s other ongoing project, Take On Helicopters.

As much of the technology used in TKOH is shared with development of the next installment in the ArmA series, we thought you might be interested in this development update from Daniel Musil, Project Lead for ArmA3. Apparently, there are users out there that now use its predecessor, ArmA2, as a combat flight simulator, so it’ll be interesting to see what the aviation side of ArmA3 is like as well.

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  1. Although I am not into military sims I admire so much the work of Bohemia, they are highly skilled and their work is wonderful simulation mixed with great realism as for the visuals and effects…

    I wish they would develop a civilian Flight Sim ūüôā

  2. Is that now what Take on Helicopters is? At least for the most part.

    I do note, though, that both DLCs announced for that sim so far have been military aircraft (presumably developed in parallel to go into ArmA3).

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