Cessna 340A II Video from Realflying

We’re used, by now, to seeing DVDs available of various aircraft types, airlines and liveries, but rather than being on physical media, this latest video from Realflying is available by download only.

Covering the last remaining Cessna 340A II flying commercially in Germany, the product covers all aspects of a flight from Bayreuth (EDQD) to Osnabrück (EDDG). For full details, click here.

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  1. Its a shame, so much flurry in the Videodescription of Simmarket; and for real its a maybe ~7€ worth video, on Youtube and other portals there are much more detailed vids as this one here.
    I wrote a review on Simmarket for details.

  2. I don’t understand what you are meaning there. It’s a really interesting video about this plane.
    You can watch the complete flight and also outside start up is included which is a great sound extra.
    I bought now three videos from realflying and they are all really good. Hope to see more planes from this section in future.

  3. Yes, it is- Simmarket has deleted my critical review, but also updated the video description for it- Thank you Simmarket, for taken me seriously here and the fair trade.

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