Rafale for Indian Air Force

The French multirole jet fighter has finally found its first exterior market in India.

The final agreement conditions will be decided in the next months, but Dassault Aviation already announced they sold a total of 126 aircraft, 18 to be built in France and 108 in India.

Dassault will transfer technologies to India, and will maintain the whole fleet of Indian Rafale during their full lifetime.

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  1. This shouldn´t be posted here. This company made a big problem with a designer from France, who created a marvelous Rafale. They didn´t allow him to use their name and he had to withdraw the Rafale from the market. Now it is impossible to get it for FSX.

    1. I think it should 🙂 Anyway, I agree with you about the rest and we wrote about it here. There are even more to say about Dassault owner, but THAT should NOT be posted here 🙂

  2. The fact that he is developing an FS add-on doesn’t remove the developer’s requirement to obey the law, Thilo.

    I take it from your comment that you don’t remember the mess a few years ago when members of the oneWorld Alliance (particularly American Airlines) attempted to wrest control of all repaints using their colours in the FS community? If not, you might like to do some research on it – removing one product from the market is getting off lightly the moment lawyers feel the copyright/trademarks they are paid to protect are being infringed!

    I’m told, but don’t have first hand experience of it, that the model railway/railroad industry get far more pressure from real world companies and manufacturers to protect trademarks and copyrighted liveries/insignia than we get in the FS world.

  3. I remember. I don’t know if it was around Fs2002 or FS2004 but I still shudder at the sight of an FS virtual world forcefully filled only with Orbit, Pacifica, Landmark, Watermark or Whatever Airlines…

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