Baytower Studios RV-7

Released a couple of days ago on the 24th, but without a whole lot of fanfare, the Vans RV-7/7A package is now available to purchase for FSX, from their website, here.

Although there seem to be very few screenshots available of the product, the features list promises an “exceptionally precise model”, “Accurate materials, shadows, and ambient lighting” and “Meticulously depicted detail including accurate rivets, fasteners, brackets, etc”. It also states that the package “includes a fully equipped, high resolution IFR cockpit, both taildragger and tricycle configurations, as well as your choice of a slider- or tip-up canopy.”

For more details, visit BayTower Studios.

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Friday, March 2, 2012 13:00

I bought it the other day, very nice aircraft

Monday, February 27, 2012 19:02

I’ve been flying it for months as a beta. This is one of the nicest, most detailed GA planes in my hangar. It’s a hoot to fly, too.