Microsoft Flight available

Microsoft has just made available for free download Microsoft Flight, their new PC game covering the main island of Hawaii only.

In order to add more Hawaiian islands along some missions, there is the Hawaiian Adventure Pack (20 US$) and additional aircraft also for sale (between 8 and 15 US$) at the Xbox Market Place.

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  1. Next… What’s the latest add-on releases for FSX and FS9 today? Flight is not of any interest.

  2. And THE experiment begins…! We are seeing history happening. Probably it dictates the end of flightsimming as I’ve known it since FS3. Lets wait and see.

  3. I started with a mail pilot game on the Commodore 64 in the early 80s some time and only came to the Microsoft series with FS4, but I really, really, fail to see what the big issue is with this.

    The MSFS series ended with FSX, when MS senior management decided that ACES were “no longer following the corporate path” and disbanded them. End of subject. This is NOT a MSFS series title. How does that dictate “the end of flightsimming” though? You can fly the world in X-Plane or Prepar3D. You can still enjoy FS9, or FSX. I have Flight Unlimited II and III, plus Fly!2 and a bunch of other simulation titles on the shelf behind me. How can the release of another flying game ‘end’ the genre altogther?

    Just as an example, one of the many things I have on my shelf is “Crimson Skies”. A flying game by Microsoft! Ohmygosh! The FS genre ended in 2000AD and I didn’t notice! (Please insert your own sarcasm tags around that last bit… I’m going back to playing flying games with Flight and developing scenery for FSX.)

  4. Is that really the best counter-argument you could come up with?

    More proof, as if it were needed, that this isn’t an MSFS series title. Unfortunately, along with a complete lack of clue (MAW = Maule, for those who care, which obviously doesn’t include the writer…).

    Oh. And good grief, if I read “ecosystem” once more… Did the MS mouthpiece actually swallow the management talk dictionary before he was appointed?

  5. Well I don’t know what kind of games the arcades have now (ours are all full of gambling machines which don’t interest me at all), but while it is definitely dumbed down, it’s not quite as arcadish as I expected. It has some good features, along with a lot more let-downs.

    Purely out of interest and totally off topic (well, sort of…), does anyone else here have any interesting old flying based games such as Crimson Skies on their shelves/hard drives?

    There’s not much else to say about Flight, but nothing wrong with a bit of reminiscing about the good/bad old days. 😉

  6. No thanks, I won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. I don’t want to send them the wrong message – this is not the model I want for my civilian flight sim and I don’t want to give the impression that I’m interested in it by downloading it; give me back a platform open to 3rd party developpers, a global scenery and ATC and we’ll see then.

  7. I personally don’t care for it. But I’d be willing to bet, like everywhere else in Dizzy “Corporate America”, many of the Aces crew or former crew don’t like it either, but what choice do they have if they want a job ! I actually kinda feel sorry for those who are still left with the aces Team, from having to go from what they passionatly worked on for so many wonderfful Years with the former Flight Simulator then, to this now. Kinda like going from a Cadillac to a YUGO ~ :):)

  8. I will just stick with FSX and keep upgrading my computers through the future until we can “Matrix” flight sims. “Flight” is a wash. They didn’t take any of our real simming requirements into this GAME. FS was a program. Unless Microsoft changes back to us core users, this is pointless.

  9. I want to try it but every time I launch Flight it hangs after a while, usually at the loading. It just freezes forever and if I try to google it, it always finds FSX issues.

  10. High quality graphics and good fun, whilst is limited to Hawaii (the Alaska scenario screenshots looks awesome as well) I still find the flight modelling quite good. Also good fun with things to do.

    I know that is not everybody’s cup of tea, specially hardsimmers but if this continues evolving, adding more aircrafts and high quality scenario may become a good sim. But at the moment is a game so my expectations are different.

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