France VFR Haute Normandie at sM

France VFR’s Haute Normandie title has come to simMarket, covering the area with the developers'”VFR Regional” range allowing them to “generate the most realistic and dense environments ever seen. It does not intend to model real world accurately but to create a copy “as real as it gets” on a massive scale. It will evolve to adapt to the needs and new data available.”

The FranceVFR scenery has 0.85m/pixel resolution ground textures based on IGN aerial photography over a LOD13 (4.75m resolution) base mesh, with obstacles based on SIA databases. AI routes are used to place autogen structures, adding “Hundreds of thousands of objects and notable buildings integrated into the environment (churches, power plants, silos, castles, industrial tanks, bridges, tolls, cranes, boats, streetlights, road signs …)

For full details, screenshots and to purchase, click here.

EDIT : and it includes now their new and exclusive Autogen technology 3DAutomation, the one we announced here.

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