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There are more stuff about the 737, but from Captain Sim this time. The development team shows off their 737 Captain product now with screenshots of the Base pack VC, featuring the -200 variant instead of the -100 model as initially planned.

The 737-200ADV expansion model has been confirmed. Download a free demo of the 737-100 exterior model and get more details and video at

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  1. I hope the flight director works. I don’t know what it is about CS but they can’t make a classic FD work to save their lives. The 130, the 707 and the 727 all have completely useless flight directors…

  2. When i purchase first CS aircraft(757),i need to say,really disappointed,glad used $10box to purchase this,if i purchase with full price i will be mad..,wish CS can make bread new level aircraft,force in deep system.

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