ATC4Real with actual real traffic

We know the Mexican sceneries of Bajasim group, and we’ll see their other talent in software design.

They’re developing ATC4Real, a new ATC simulator in Beta stage for now. You can already try it, retrieving real flights data online at KSAN San Diego, and more airports are planned to come.

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Ian P
Saturday, April 7, 2012 11:01

I play a number of “free” games, Ray – in my position right now, they’re kind of the limit I can afford. Yet in all of those, I see the same arguments and the same complaints, from a huge number of people. My comments weren’t aimed at you in particular; more aimed at just discussing the sales practices both you and “explayer” are talking about. The reason I mentioned illegal downloading is because, exactly as I stated, the reason given for doing it is the cost of the product itself and add-ons. Without going into a huge great diatribe here,… Read more »

Ray Hughes
Friday, April 6, 2012 23:57

The concept of offering something for Free ” as a test bed into buying the full product” with the hope the consumer then purchases said product, is fine by me. What I am talking about is then changing the parametres on the fly – of what was initially determined as a limited or partially crippled free product into something that is “free with built in advertising or prompting to buy the product every 10 minutes or so – that is still partially crippled limited Demo – but now with advertising”. Dunno about you, but that drives me away rather than… Read more »

Ian P
Friday, April 6, 2012 22:56

They have to fund it somehow. People demand “free” as if it costs nothing, then circumvent/block in game advertising and object to paying for additional content as well. The primary defence given for illegal distribution of software is “rip off prices”. The reality is that servers cost money. Access to information costs money. Developers and development cost money. The developers, publishers and distributors have families to feed, bills and mortgages to pay, too. I’m a freeware developer and the development I do, plus the distribution of it, costs me money. Fortunately not very much. So would people rather have nothing,… Read more »

Ray Hughes
Friday, April 6, 2012 21:44

Re; Its a trick. Welcome to the world of LIVE Internet (simulations, games – you name it). Where nothing is the same and the rules can change at the drop of a hat – as you surmise… Just because it is offered as a freebe look and see should not change the moral imperative here in my opinion. This company is by no means first in this stance … look for an increasing number of companies trying to do business this way. Model 101 seems to be – get subscriptions, If subscriptions are not viable, try DLC.(things that perhaps should… Read more »

Friday, April 6, 2012 15:46

It’s a trick. There are three free airports, but an annoying pop-up window shows up from time to time while playing, knocking down what you have already done, because traffics don’t stop and you can’t control them during the more than 20 seconds the window stands. If you don’t want the window to show up, you have to pay, on a monthly basis (every month for each airport you want to have access to). In the beginning there wasn’t any window, but it seems that people don’t want to pay and prefer just three airports for free, and that’s their… Read more »