Review: Boris Forero’s Quito X

Boris Forero has updated his FS9 scenery for Quito, Ecuador, to FSX standards and named it Quito X. The FS9 version was good so join me in checking out the FSX version.

Quito, Ecuador, is an unpopular airport for the real world pilots. This is because Quito is at a high altitude and surrounded by the Andes Mountains. STAR’s and SID’s are a must. So is a strong heart.

Quito is home to 1.6 million people with 2.5 million people in the area that use the airport. Quito is also the capitol of Ecuador and has daily long haul flights to Western European and North American cities as well as South American destinations.

They are constructing a new airport which has been a casualty of many delays but is due to be open in late 2012. Boris brings us the ever challenging SEQU in it’s current location.

Installation and Manual

Installation involves executing the downloaded file and entering a registration number. The files are placed within a folder within FS9/FSX named Simmarket. You must enter the scenery into your library using the library manager within FS. Filenames used are not easily decoded so if there’s something you don’t like removing that object(s) will be difficult. You won’t want to do that anyhow. This is a well done package that only takes up 35mb of disk space.

The Manual

The manual is in PDF format and is very short but does contain some tips for extra improvements including downloadable ground textures for the taxiways and runways. There are no charts included with this package. However, Boris has made a website where he has included charts, updates, and links to various sites related to his scenery. The site is in both Spanish and English.

The Scenery

It’s easy to tell when someone is passionate about their work. The little things are done as well as the big things. Boris not only has given us the airport but he added some of the local tourist attractions and even included the ground excavation happening at the new airport’s location. Aircraft, oil tanks, stadiums, the air force base, and parks are a few of the other things you will see.

Here’s a satellite view of the airport.

Here’s a couple of shots of the terminal area. Note the gate numbers are placed and the airport is equipped with moving jetways. At first glance you may think the pillars on the terminal are textures. You are correct to a certain extent. The pillars on the bottom are objects while the window pane separators are painted textures.

Before you comment about it, Westjet does not fly to Quito. I just like their paint scheme and I’m Canadian, too. 🙂

The textures, while not the best I’ve seen, are sharp and detailed. I compared the layout to the real thing using pictures from Google Earth and I must say I’m impressed with the accuracy. On the passenger side of the terminal he’s added photo quality textures as you can see here. Nice mural on one section of the terminal.

Moving ground vehicles are included with the FSX version and that includes major roads being accurately drawn with vehicles travelling on them. Here’s a shot looking down the road outside the airport.

The framerate hit is not as bad as you might think but you will still see a drop especially if you are using a computer without multiple cores or low on ram.

I took the next few shots as I was taxying where you can see the many objects, some with custom textures, that he has included.

Here are some of the static aircraft that Boris has placed around the maintenance area and air force sections. Nice job done on the Herc here.

Finally, a shot of one of the custom stadiums included and the new airport’s construction area.

Night Scenery

The airport at night is lit well and the taxiways and runways are easy to follow. He has included lights for the stadium’s, too.


For approximately $24 US/Canada or 17.85 Euros you get a good scenery add-on for Quito. You’re not just getting the airport but you’re also getting some buildings in the area and a view of the new airport which I hope Boris plans on bringing to us. In my opinion the FS9 version was very nice and the FSX version is better. It will be a nice addition to your collection.

Developer: Boris Forero

Filesize: 10mb download, 35mb installed

Where to buy: Simmarket

Price: $24 US/Canada or 17.85 Euros

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing this Quito scenery for a long time, to complement all the other South American sceneries I have. I think I will go ahead and get it now 🙂

  2. Hi, thank you very much for this review. Actually, I have realeased a new version for Quito for FS2004 on february 2012. This version of Quito for FSX, will be updated, and now I’m working on it. Hope this one will be done as soon as possible.

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