Paro Intl, Bhutan, for MS FSX


The Kingdom of Bhutan isn’t somewhere that most people have probably visited in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but the release of Thai Creation‘s version of Paro International Airport will hopefully expand fliers’ horizons to venture into the Himalayas.

Situated in a valley 6km from Paro itself, the area has been covered with 60cm/pixel photoscenery and placed Bhutanese houses at the adjacent village. The airport itself has photo-textured buildings and 3d grass listed amongst its features. There is also a warning, however, that the airport will not work with the default inaccurate mesh, so recommends the use of a freeware alternative or FSGlobal.

For full details, please visit the product page at simMarket.

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Good. Grief.!!!

Is this the airport which only used to be accessable by BAe146 and specially trained crews? I’m sure that was Bhutan, which would presumably make it Paro as well.

And i watched this video a few days ago :
An Airbus A320 performing a visual approach at Paro. Between the high mountains, you can only see the runway when on final !