Flight1 Cardinal flies again

The Cessna 177 Cardinal seems to have captured the imagination and hearts of flight simmers over the years and has become a popular addition to the hangars of many. With that in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that Flight1 Software have released an updated version of the classic GA aircraft, brought up to modern standards and development techniques.

The new C177B Cardinal II package for FSX includes three paints and a custom avionics suite that can, if preferred, be augmented using RealityXP‘s add-on gauges. Available as a download from the Flight1 website, it seems probable that the intended replacement for Cessna’s 172 model (well that didn’t work, did it!) will become a common sight in the FS skies once more over the coming days.

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  1. I tried to download the Cardinal but my virus protection found the Vundo virus in the download exe.

  2. No, it really didn’t
    You need to consider that “virus” protection will always throw a fit with online activation schemes.
    The last true virus I encountered came on a floppy disk
    beats me how all these Anti virus companies stay in business
    You have to wonder who writes all these viruses ?
    Oh hang on…. maybe… no they wouldnt, would they ?

  3. Most “viruses” these days aren’t viruses – they’re Trojans designed to get in and track/upload information from your PC to the malware author, or they are designed to take control of your PC to add it to a “bot net” for hire. Neither of those are written by AV companies – there’s a lot of money in them for the people who do write them. They are, however, protected against by most AV apps.

    Vundo is apparently a trojan (not a virus) installed by a malicious webpage, which is often advertising fake “AV software” incidentally, or e-mail attachment. Therefore the chances of it being in software legitimately downloaded from a trusted software vendor are very small indeed.

    If you really think the file contains it, download Malwarebytes and run that.

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