Just what we needed – another scam!

The word must be finally getting out that “ProFlightProSimulatorPro” (delete any two of the “pro”s and you’ll find it called any other combination) really is a significantly out of date version of the Open Source sim “FlightGear“, because the ads for it all seem to have disappeared from social media (and spamming the sim sites’ forums) to make way for “Virtual Pilot 3D“.

We won’t post a link for them to abuse, because a number of FS websites’ staff have already looked it up and believe us all, it’s just another rip-off. This one very blatantly using stock MS FSX default aircraft and footage, as well as that from FSX add-ons, for its advertising. They haven’t even bothered changing the default registrations on the sides of the default FSX C172SP when making “their” promo video.

Just don’t get caught out, please. If there really is a new sim that comes out and really is “miles better than FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane 10” as the scams claim, you’ll know about it from pretty much every FS and gaming site out there. Not from a dodgy copy and paste “review” on a site you’ve never heard of before or an ad at the side of Facebook.

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  1. Alot of this scam was discussed on FB today amonst some of us and Francois is putting the word out about it to the proper authority’s. Let’s all give him a big hand for his follow through. We all need to spread the word about the scammer so that people don’t get taken. People need to be made aware to purchase only from reputable sites and company’s.

  2. Yes, I was talking to him on an IM package while we were both looking for contact details for an appropriate person in the FAA (the scam purports to have “FAA approval”).

    This is another one of those situations where there’s really no point in competition or chest beating amongst the various sites or publications, though – just spreading the word as widely as possible is what needs to be done.

  3. They are out of Sweden, website is based their and they have their legal crap on there. Read all the stuff on their site.

    1. Are they, or like many other sites, are they hosting on a Swedish server and claiming immunity, while connecting from another country?

      It’s irrelevant where they are based anyway. It’s a scam. Do you think they will really have registered with full real names and addresses anywhere? I don’t. The entire thing will be as fake as the advertising. That still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell the FAA, Microsoft and the other people whose logos and content are being used that they are being used to promote illegal activity, wherever it is in the world. Nor does it remove our obligation to try and warn people not to get caught out.

  4. Your absolutely right. Anybody can work from another country and also put all that crap on a server. I am going to see what I can do on my end from the US time permitting. There’s a software association here that deals with illegal stuff and copyrights for software companies. Will pass info along to them.

  5. Those people are idiots!

    It’s a shame they use great sites like this one to use good people, and steal money from their ”customers” and friends!!!!!!

    I hope that the law will bring them in front of a a judge!

  6. I reported every video from them I could get a click on youtube as a fraud/scam.

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