Captain Sim 777 Electronic Flight Bag


The 777 exterior model of Captain Sim has been available for months already and we keep on waiting for the systems or virtual cockpit preview.

You’ll have a mix of both in the above video, featuring the EFB displayed on the Captain’s left side screen. Boeing made it to reduce the loads of paper and airlines costs (less weight, easier wireless update), and to increase pilots efficiency (access to charts, performance tables, weather reports..).

For now Captain Sim achieves to display enroute maps and airports charts with different view functions (dim +/-, zoom +/-, Next/Previous page).

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  1. I like Silent Movies !! was this supposed to have Sound ?? if so, it ain’t playin any sound this time around anyway,, its Silent no audio !!

  2. Ahh I replayed it and just now seen the blink of an eye disclaimer that it has NO SOUND,, I must of taken my eyes away from the screen for that 1/2 a second when it showed up,, go figure, dumb me ! Duhhh ~ !!

  3. When will you start making airplanes such as this to X-plane 10?

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