Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 1206

Ready at perfect time ! Navigraph already hosts the Airac Cycle 1206 navigational data updates for your add-ons and utilities.

It’s especially recommended when you fly online with IVAO / VATSIM to follow the actual published departure and arrival procedures or if you expect to fly only currently active and real life flight plans. Get your credits at

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  1. Did you fix the problems with LLET and LLBG for LVLD and in general?

  2. Does anything change with these cycles? or just the cycle number as a reference if so why are people paying for them?

    1. They are updated like the real cycles. The changes in the real world get added to these new downloads and thus you always have the newest data the real airlines are using.

  3. Jack, in each airac cycle, some wayponts, airways or navaids (VOR, NDB…) are renamed, cancelled, created etc… and SIDs / STARs are updated as well.
    If you don’t update, you may fly an old and unactive STAR procedure. In that case if you fly online at VATSIM, the controller will cancel your IAP approach, and may indicate waypoints your FMC doesn’t have and you will need vectors.
    If you fly offline and you want to follow actual real routes found in vroute for instance, some waypoints may be missing in your FMC database when you load the route, or when you input them one by one. So you would have to edit it with your flight planner older database to build your mod of this route.
    It’s not mandatory at all, but in most cases for hardcore simmers, it’s useful to get these airac cycles updates.

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