FSGenesis hard situation

The future of FSGenesis is not sure at all, and it’s more exactly negative when you read the bad news posted in their blog.

FSGenesis was created in 1998, but they’re running now into financial problems. It would be sad to see such an important and good part of the FS community go away.

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  1. You know, i became familiar with Justin’s work for FS long before he turned it into a full-time profession. Back in the days when FS terrain looked like something made out of card boxes, worldwide detailed terrain mesh was an innovative and worthwile business idea. But frankly, nowadays, if i want to fly low and slow or do some circuit training, i prefer Orbx airfields. If i want to fly the big iron from airport to airport, i simply buy one of the detailed airport sceneries, with perhaps the addition of a city scape. Not being innovative enough is deadly, in any business (frankly, the Time Traveler idea i find a bit of a joke). This is not to say that i do not wish Justin the very best in a new career, but you can’t continue living of old successes.

  2. real reason is piracy…there are many fs developer do not made any new models since months or years. also rarely you see freeware new models…you can say thanks to many pirates, some use also freeware website to exchange payware between members on private messages…and i have how many proofs you want.

    more than ten years ago flightsimming was a wonderful place…now with so many pirates i don’t like it anymorem but this is common also to all the rest of the world.

    1. William, you’re mixing up everything. Piracy obviously exists but this only fact can’t explain why there would be fewer new freeware models. And in the payware world, there are still a lot of active groups. Some disappeared (PSS, SSW, Simflyers), but new ones appeared (Black Box, QualityWings, Alabeo, Milviz..).
      In this particular case of FSGenesis, piracy has even less to do with their sales results that nose dived quickly and suddenly. There’s no reason why their products would have been more downloaded out of the store lately. According to me, their Gakaxy system cut the grass under the feet as it was aiming at the regular customers, the ones who could bring regular earnings. If they pay once, even 4 years ago, they’re still downloading today without paying. Maybe a time limited membership fee would have been better for him.
      Anyway, producing a model for FS today requires much more knowledge than 15 years ago. And for the payware market, most customers have a high level of requirements.. or the publishers must adapt his range of products and prices (Perfect Flight, BluePrint..).
      From my point of view, blaming only pirates is just too easy. Blaming for what would I add ? Combine UTX, REX, PMDG/RealAir and FlyTampa/Orbx as examples and tell me again you prefer FS 2000.. If you’re talking about the FS Community members, yes it’s different… but look at the freeware developers forum and it’s sometimes a shame to read some people bashing them for X or Y. #ProjectOpensky ! And that’s not due to piracy at all.

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