McPhat Studios – 737 NGX Delta free

Fly Delta ?! It’s now available and for free. McPhat Studios finished the ultra high definitions textures set in Delta colors for the PMDG 737 NGX. A free account in their website is needed to download the repaint scheme.

It seems like a Facebook account is required to retrieve the unlock key though, to share and like their announcement.

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  1. What’s so special about McPhat that their repaints get announcements on Can I have my uploaded repaints and other uploads announced on too? Sorry…but I don’t understand the hype about McPhat… . Esepcially since they don’t stick to the common ways freeware files are published. Another reason not to download their stuff.

  2. Clearly you don’t understand how commercial companies (and Facebook) operate, Christian.

    This isn’t “freeware”, it’s an advert for their paid work, designed to build interest. It also seems to require you to “like” their Facebook page, which then unlocks additonal advertising income and functionality to them.

    So they sent out a press release about it, the same as all commercial companies do to raise interest in what they are doing. The horror! The horror! 😉

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