Quiet ! We’re in development.. 757 LDS + Radar Contact

Some people believe no news mean good news. Other ones need to read exactly what they are looking for.

The 757 project of Level-D is still undetected by our radar.. but it doesn’t mean it’s not alive. Daryl Shuttleworth accepted to answer to an anxious fan, suffering from 757 statusupdatum symptoms. Dr Level-D confirms the healthy recipe is still in production at the laboratory.

We met another group of people at the dispensary, asking for a potential version 5 of Radar Contact. Pr John Dekker was out, so his internal students team just declared it’s under development. Maybe another 100 legs more flying with Radar Contact V4 will make those pilots happy if they are so much eager of step climbs altitude requests, realistic ATC zones and radio frequencies, actual SID/STAR following and other efficient ATC vectoring instructions.

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  1. What kind of news is…? Under by our radar,but doesn’t mean it’s not alive.

  2. Not “under” read undetected … but the project is alive .. dooooh .. News about some projects announced years ago and still being developed.

  3. I hope that PMDG comes out with a 757 before level d and that level d goes out of business. Its obvious that the people at level d have better things to do than develop any flight sim stuff. Even if level d released a 757 I would not buy it; they need to learn that dragging out a project this long w/o a good explaination ( death in the family, Tornado, whatever ) is totally uncalled for. True they dont have to explain anything to us , but we determine their success. The attitude they have like: “It will be ready when its ready” and “all 757 posts/questions will be removed” makes me sick – they are nothing to me anymore.

    I do sympathise with the Radar Contact staff as Microsoft changed in a major way. But if Radar Contact 5 comes out for FSX I will support them. If it takes too much longer then version 4.3 works just fine.

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