Microsoft Flight update announced

While the “animated discussions” about their continuous release of “lite” warbirds continue unabated, the Microsoft Flight team have this evening announced that they do occasionally listen to constructive criticism and comment, with news of an upcoming patch via their Facebook page and the Flight news page.

Amongst a string of UI changes, a whole swathe of bug fixes and some new features, they have announced that following the patch, Flight will support NaturalPoint’s TrackIR, axis-based toe brakes and unspecified “settings specific to Intel Ivy Bridge graphics hardware“. The changes are being announced ‘with the release of the Alaska Wilderness Expansion DLC on the horizon’, but there’s no announcement yet of what content Alaska will bring with it, or how the patch will be distributed/made available to end users.

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    1. It’s not mentioned on the list. You know as much as we do, if you read their published article. You can always e-mail the feedback address and ask?

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