DOM-GNL Pocono + iRacing News

After a few setbacks, it seems that Robert Graf‘s first full season in the iRacing DOM-GNL series with his simFlight liveried Chevy Impala might be turning around a little. At least the bodywork in this week’s image is intact and the right shape, which probably helped him reach the finishing position that he did!

Robert’s race report from Pocono, which can be found by clicking the “Read More” link below, isn’t the only news from iRacing this week, however – the team have also published a new iRacingTV episode, showing what they are planning and is in development, as well as the start of a section covering setups which may be of use to users of any serious motorsport sim as it progresses.

DOM-GNL Race #17 – Pocono

Pocono is tough. If you find that perfect setup for one corner, it usually messes up the other two. After a last minute setup swa,p driving was on the very edge, my knuckles got white every time i went into turn 2. A kiss on the curb would be enough to send me spinning. And it did, on lap 3 I caused the first yellow of the race trying to avoid a car on the high line. With hindsight I was overcautious, but better sad then sorry. And I managed to not hit any walls. I came back to the race way back in the field, but the car was still fast. So I clawed my way through the yellows, six we had until lap 51. And the rest up to lap 100 would be green flag racing. After the restart on lap 57 I had fantastic racing (see picture) for the next 25 laps with only tenths to the car in front and behind. That trio only got seperated when we had to do green flag pitstops 25 laps before the finish. After that I more or less cruised to the finish line in 5th position. Great race, second TOP5 this season, I’m pleased.

Season halftime thoughts:

I’m not gonna participate on race 18, cause I have a real race (inline skating) in Hamburg. And after that it’s the summer break. I would say I prgressed quite well the season, from bottom top20 to top5 results (positions: 11-30-17-17-15-21-18-24-23-14-5-13-10-14-5). Toughest break were the DNS’s in Infineon and Bristol, these two cost me nearly 10 positions in overall standings. Right now I have reached the TOP15 again and  will try to progress further in the second half of the season. Still I’m leading in penalty points with now 30 points missing from my points total. I have to change that, not something I want to build my reputation on.

DOM-GNL restarts at 2nd of august in Indianapolis!

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