Need some inflight entertainment?

There are times – also known as “that bit between two waypoints on a NATRACK” – when there’s nothing to look at on your airliner flight deck but a number changing on the ND, nothing to see out of the windows, but you’re not allowed to sleep because you have to respond when something goes wrong.

So. Got an iDevice? You might want to check out the retro graphics of “Pocket Planes” by NimbleBit LLC.

This irritatingly addictive but very simple little game is free from iTunes (here) and allows you to run a simplified airline in a number of areas around the world. From single-seat (or single-cargo) aircraft through to jets, you can transport blocky people and crates around to your heart’s content, buying access to new cities, upgrading both aircraft and airports… Apparently there’s a method of trading and working with your friends, too, but neither your editor (nor his even more addicted wife!) have fathomed that yet. Now. Do I have a cargo for my little aircraft stuck in Thunder Bay yet, or will it be stuck there for another five minutes until the jobs refresh?

Edit: According to this forum post, it’s coming to Android as well.

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  1. This is an AWESOME app and its free;) Thanx for the post(^v^)

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