TS2012 SP1 “Live” – Updated

As recently reported here, have recently announced a significant update to their Train Simulator 2012/Railworks3 platform.

Following a slightly haphazard and two-part release process, Service Pack 1 is now live through Steam and will download the next time you launch the application. Be aware, however, that the developers have advised users to back up their installation before the update is downloaded.

Update: At the time of release there were a huge amount of complaints about vanishing routes and rolling stock following the installation of the update. This now appears to have reversed and there are far more people reporting successful updates than not.

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  1. Official FAQ says:

    Will I still have all my add-on content (“DLC”)?

    Yes. Your DLC locomotives and routes will still be available to drive.

    What will happen to routes I have created or any add-ons I have installed?

    All this content should be unaffected by Service Pack 1. However, if you have purchased third party products that directly update TS2012 files (which we strongly discourage), these products may not operate or may need to be re-installed.

    So, pls no panic. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Where do i get this update?
    Can somebody please give me a link, or a hint?

    Thanks in advanced!



  3. Boerries: Just for the record, I lost no files when I updated my installation, either – not that I had much.

    However a lot of people have reported losing content and not just that which overwrites core files. There are large amounts of posts around reporting lost routes, stock and other content. It was’s own representatives that advised people to back up first and, when people started losing files, responded with ‘we did tell you to back up first, so you didn’t lose anything’.

    It’s not “panic” to warn people when the vast majority of immediate responses to the update were complaints about missing files. If you didn’t lose anything, good. If you did and backed up first, then it’s not an issue, is it?

    1. Hi Ian,

      thanks for your explanations. Panic might be the wrong word (I´m not native english). I read the forums on Steam last time yersterday, and there was only complaining about the missing update.

      We´ll see. I wil start the update when I´m out of office.


  4. Hi again.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an RSC representative on the Steam forums! People there seem to be left to fend for themselves, unfortunately.

    I was following three Facebook threads (all from RSC’s own Facebook page) as it was released, because that was where I first saw the release announcement. There were a bunch of complaints about the lack of a release and asking if the London-Brighton and 4CIG update was all SP1 actually was, then it changed very quickly to a long string of people losing either all their routes – default and add-on – or just all their non-Steam downloaded content. I should have said that, rather than “3rd party” when I wrote the article. My error in the early hours of the morning, sorry!

    When I went back to the threads today, there seem to be very few more problems and most people seem to have had successful installations so I’ve edited the article to reflect that.

  5. Hi Boerries,

    Thanks mate, i got it 😉



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