Showing off X-Plane10’s potential

There’s no doubting at all that X-Plane 10 is graphically excellent, whether you’re a fan of the series or dislike it intensely for whatever reason.

Looking good ‘out of the box’, however, has never stopped any sim’s developers from pushing the boundary and the video above showcases some very high resolution photoscenery within the Laminar Research platform. It’s worth taking a look at, whether you use XP10 or not, just to see what the sim is capable of these days!

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  1. I’m going to say it. I told you so. I knew this was what would be happening with X Plane 10. It just gets better and better.

  2. Hello
    That Video is the tipping point for me, after more years than I can remember with MS Sims I may well jump platforms now.

  3. It’s just a pity that it still doesn’t support hat switches properly, or mouse wheels, that the UI and VC support is clunky, difficult and ineffective, that you have to write entire applications to make simple things work because them sim itself doesn’t support them, that it still lacks proper AI routines, workable VFR/IFR ATC, comparatively simple things like seasonal or weather related textures…

    Looking good is only a tiny part of the story. X-Plane still has a massive amount of catching up to do and it’s going to have to be the developer that does most of the work, not 3rd parties.

  4. Not so much “not a fan” as disappointed that the sim isn’t allowed to be what it could be by its developer.

    It’s a good sim, it’s well worth having, but it is still lacking a huge amount of what has allowed its competitors to achieve the success that they have. Flight Unlimited II did a lot of things on release better than X-Plane 10 does over ten years later!

  5. They could first fix the lousy flight dynamics. The aircraft don’t fly like anything I’ve ever flown in the real world. Quite appalling.

  6. I think that depends a lot on the aircraft. I’ll agree that the flight models they give you as default are pretty much all diabolical. Some of the aircraft aren’t even textured or finished models, let alone having good flight dynamics!

    Again, though, it’s the third party developers that seem to be making aircraft that fly vaguely correctly and, in that instance, the same can be said of most sims. There are some exceptions, though: AeroflyFS, for instance, has had some very good comments regarding its flight dynamics. I haven’t tried it personally to be able to comment from experience.

  7. I agree 100% with you Ian P

    XPlane 10 is a disapointment in terms of finishing features that are implemented or implementing important features for the sake of immertion and that are neglected (example: as basic as seasonal textures)

    It seems as if Laminar is doing half the job and counting on 3rd party…

    Not mentioning the annoying over confidence their Marketing technique projects…

    What we see in the video is a high res photoreal (if you can afford one) coupled with 3D objects that are generated using OSM2XP, a converter that brings footprints of real life house, buildings, facilities, parks etc from Open Street Map to become 3D objects in XPlane… The data is available in such detail for Europe. North America and other spots have sparse data so this amount of details isn’t possible for the whole world…

    All in all, I am giving XP10 soon as a gift to my cousin who has a MAC and needs a sim that runs on it…

    FSX made in 2006 is an old technology indeed but still much more comprehensive than XP10 in 2012


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