Microsoft Flight in positive response shocker!

See that little picture? It has apparently achieved the impossible – a post from the MS Flight team on their Facebook page that has more people pressing “Like” than complaining about what it is lacking.

As usual, the image has been posted in the form of a teaser to try and get people guessing what the next release will be. That didn’t take very long, in that it’s pretty much certainly the “Deluxe” version of the Carbon Cub included with the Alaska package. They are touting this as a “new aircraft”, which a number of people have pointed out might mean that there may be another version such as floats or skis over the wheeled aircraft included with Alaska, but the Flight team aren’t saying just yet.

The other news posted yesterday is that Alaska is now available on Steam, for those that prefer using Valve’s storefront to Microsoft’s.

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  1. Yeah! Right!

    The Microsoft team’s people must be dreaming!
    ”Everybody” is complaining about Flight, and they say that more people pressing “Like” ???????

    Yesss a miracle has happenend!!!!!!

    1. “Everybody” is complaining about Flight”

      Actually, that’s not true. I suggest you do some research and get over your own prejudices before telling other people what they are saying.

      “and they say that more people pressing “Like” ???????”

      Actually, that’s just a fact. Not supposition, nobody is “saying” it. It is a fact. At this precise moment, there are 108 “likes” to the post, 106 comments and most of them are along the lines of “Finally! A cockpit!”.

      The link above in the article (not the Steam one) proves both your suppositions wrong, but we can’t have prejudices being challenged, can we? 😉

  2. Flight! is an abomination and has regressed flight simulation by at least a decade.

  3. Interesting take on it maddog… Exactly how? On what evidence do you base that? How, exactly, did it delete the last ten years’ plus of simulators and add-ons from your computer?

    The floor is yours – please feel free to present your case.

  4. Where to start ?
    No third party addons, no atc , no realtime weather , cockpitless planes , no updatable navdata ,few realistic systems, a lifeless world, limited scenery areas that you cannot fly between.
    We had sims like this a decade ago, thankfully we progressed.
    But now MS strips away years of progress to present a product with absolutly no depth, written for people with zero imagination who need canned missions and aerocaches in order to get motivated enough to fly.
    I was on the beta, have all of the DLC and still hope it may become a reasonable simulator one day, but I just cannot see a future for it unless the platform is opened up.

  5. Madd Dog , very well Put ! couldn’t of said it better !!! Bet theres just tons of sim pilots just love flying the DC3 or DC6 around Australia or the UK or Canada, hey’ how bout’ those Boeings and Heli’s too they brag about flying in “Flight” ??? and all those Float planes ?? and the ATC talking to you,and all those nice custom built aircraft hangers over at Edwards, nice Eyyyy’ ???? Madd Dog hit the nail on the head , hands down, the “Winner” of this Debate !

  6. Couldn’t agree more with maddog! And I was on the beta as well.

  7. “Debate”? There is no debate. You didn’t answer my question and have provided no evidence at all to back up your statement. All you did was post another tired rant that you didn’t get FS11.

    The following three links are to the products you want. The ones you say Microsoft Flight has somehow erased from history.

    Seriously. Get over yourselves. Other people are using and enjoying Flight. If you’re not, DON’T USE IT. Posting the same childish complaints that you didn’t get what you want to every news article makes you look… well, childish. Like the toddler on the floor of the supermarket screaming their hearts out because their parent took the sweets off them and put them back on the shelves. Except that you already had and still have the sweets, all available for the products listed above. If they’re not good enough for you then maybe you should learn to develop code and write them for yourselves.

  8. Hello
    Who’s screaming now Ian, that was quite some rant.

    If Flight! suits your level of simulation needs then good for you… enjoy it.

    I am off to Simmarket to buy some more FSX addons, just remember that if Flight! is the way forward companies such as Simflight/Simmarket may no longer exist.
    Food for thought

    1. I’m far from Flight’s biggest fan. I presume that the sarcasm in the original article passed you by.

      While, unlike some, I looked for myself and saw that many of the criticisms are completely invalid, it also doesn’t do what I want, so I very rarely use it. I have FS9, FSX, XP10, DCS:A10 and other sims installed and working. I don’t have a license for P3D yet, but will probably be getting one shortly, so I can keep track of developments on it.

      Flight isn’t the future, it’s a different product aimed at a different market and with a different intended audience. It doesn’t even really split the market, simply because MS are being so slow in developing it that people are losing interest and moving to other platforms. Surely that’s good for the hobby, if new people are being brought in?

      What maddog and Jetranger both posted above is ridiculous. A single product cannot “set the world back 10 years” and everything that Jetranger posted is perfectly possible in other platforms so he’s lost nothing by Flight’s availability either. The sense of entitlement to a new flight simulator every three to four years is apparently still very strong. As Chris below posts, however, people are still very happily using FS9, let alone FSX. Nothing has been deleted. Nobody is being “prevented” from doing anything by Flight’s existence, really, are they.

  9. Exactly. And, furthermore, what is still not mentioned above: there is NO “dislike” button. So no wonder they get only “likes”. Stupid as hell, most people like me do not want to take time to travel over to their FB site to put my doubts down, but if there would be a “dislike” button, I would certainly hit it. It is not about what we did not get, I do not care as I am still happy with FS2004. It is about what glyn jones said: the future of proper flightsims is dark. But that’s a general problem, not limited on the flightsim field. Everywhere, people start to prefer easy going, no thinking, having fun stuff. EVERYWHERE. Take whatever example, sims like DCS and similar software will turn to be niche products more and more, while all the kiddies jump on the DLC, F2P, Happy-Dappy-Suppy-Stupidity games flooding the market. People do not want to think anymore, but basically this really suits a software development team out of the US. Fits the rest. Easy, stupid, no depth, no thinking, just ready to use. YEAH!

  10. Is it so dark? X-Plane is getting better incrementally now it is getting better support. The number of products becoming available for it is increasing rapidly. Prepar3D is being developed as well and L-M don’t seem too fussy about who obtains licenses for it. FSX is not only still being developed by 3rd parties, it is still being sold by Microsoft.

    Flight Simulation is already a niche market and always has been. There’s nothing different here and now than there was in the early 1990s when the MSFS series first became capable of accepting widely-available 3rd party content, or going back further. There are a range of products available. Some lines close down, others open up and/or expand to fill the market. X-Plane is now coming on in leaps and bounds, at least partially because people are looking at it and working out how to make it do things that FSX can do. If the market is capable of supporting another simulator, there will be companies looking at doing it.

    The only reason Flight is drawing peoples’ ire is because it comes from Microsoft who, lets not forget, announced the closure of ACES and the cancellation of FS11 a long time before they announced Flight. Many of the same criticisms directed at Flight could also be levelled at other developers whose sims are now on the market, but they aren’t. The same array of products also existed ten years ago, just with different titles. People didn’t see the future as so bleak then. Why is it so different now?

    Edited to add: Other examples:

    iRacing/GTR/rFactor versus Burnout/NFS/GRID/etc. Both “serious” and “fun” racing sims/games exist. Another market massively bigger than flight simulation, with a wide array of products available within it and new entrants coming along.

    Armed Assault versus COD/BIA/any other “modern” FPS shooter. Both ‘soldier sim’ and ‘FPS shooter game’ have been around for a long time and both are, possibly worryingly depending on your political and social viewpoint, far bigger markets than flight simulation will ever be. But they happily co-exist as well. Heck. Arma2/3 has spawned Take on Helicopters as a derivative – a primarily civilian flight simulator!

  11. Ian P

    I think all the reply you just got back from the flightsim people here on this site says it all 😉

    The number of negative reactions from people about FLIGHT all over the world on forums like this one says even more, a lot more!



    1. From over 8000 unique hits on the article, there have been 5 negative commenters.

      On that principle, surely you’re outnumbered slightly at 0.0625% of the readership. 😉 🙂

      If go back and look at all the Flight articles here, after the initial outrage, you’ll see the same names, posting the same things, in response to every article.

      What amuses me more than anything is that we probably pretty much all agree for the most part about Flight. All that differs is the way people choose to state their case and the occasionally wild and irrelevant accusations that I wouldn’t post anyway because, well, they’re a bit silly really!

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