Train Sim 2012 special offers at Steam

This one may be more of interest to anyone who has seen Train Simulator 2012 and baulked at the price, as those who already have it probably know already, but the product is currently on a pretty good special offer at Steam.

At the time of writing, there are 13 hours left in the Steam “Daily Deal” that offers a massive 90% off TS2012’s base package, making the Deluxe version, which includes the Horseshoe Curve route, a mere £2.99 in the UK store (approximately €4.25 in the Eurozone) and there is a minimum of 50% off all downloadable content, although much of that also has bundles which offer bigger discounts as well. It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up that package that you’d like, but couldn’t really justify, and don’t forget that there are a number of activity and add-on packs available at simMarket, too, for when you finish all the base content and any which comes with DLC add-ons.

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