NMG Trading cross-platform South African airports

The image above shows Johannesburg International (FAJS), but that’s far from the only airport release from NMG Trading today, as they have also made three others available – Cape Town (FACT), King Shaka (FALE) and Lanseria (FALA). Each of the airports comes as a single installer supporting three different developers’ sim platforms – Microsoft FSX, Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane 10.

All of the airports comes with the same feature list; highly detailed buildings, accurate layouts and airport/runway lighting, so rather than going into detail on each one, please visit the relevant pages by clicking on the following airport codes: FACT, FAJS, FALA, FALE.

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  1. hi there,I have recently instaled x plane 10 on my windows pc, this is very new to me as i am microsoft flight simulator usesr(not for long)i have purchased some NMG add on airports ans was wondering if it is posible to convert them to be compatible with x plane 10??

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