SkyVector : free online resources center should be a new entry of your web bookmarks ! In just one place, you have free and unlimited access to the world enroute maps (high and low altitudes). Zoom in and out, span around and check the perfect quality on your screen. Enter / edit a flight plan and it’s drawn in the next fraction of second.

You will also find weather stations reports (METAR, TAF, SIGMETS), NOTAMs, charts and sectional maps for USA.

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  1. This has to be the best breakthrough in manual flight planning aviation… Easy, fast, fun.

    I made a flight plan YMML to NTAA in less than six minutes using actual correct routing, with actual weather information all along. This is a great tool indeed that will perhaps one day allow transfer of flight plans to FSX or FS9, but in the meantime, I manually copied my routing above on Aivlasoft in less than seven minutes, nothing to talk about, especially since I am certain that my routing is correct. Thanks to SimFlight for pointing us in this direction and congratulations to Dave for an absolutely brilliant work!

  2. This is a wonderful online ressource! The next best thing after my Aivlasoft EFB 🙂

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