RAZBAM Harrier released

In a press release received today, RAZBAM have announced the release of their AV-8B Harrier II Plus package for FSX and P3D.

Following the original “Mk1” release of this package, they have dubbed this the “Mk1A”, addressing a number of issues with the original release and expanding on the features list. For the full press release, click “Read more” below.

Full press release text:

RAZBAM proudly presents:

AV-8B Harrier II Plus

Systems features:
* Tactical Navigation Computer
* Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments
* Detailed representation of the aircraft*s Gunsight.
* Detailed MPCD (Multi Purpose Color Displays) with in-depth functionality.
* Fully operational Radar with A/A and A/G master modes, capable of locking and tracking a target into interception.
* Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fuzing, selection, weapon delivery modes , quantity selection in 2 different modes select the amount of ordance to fall per trigger switch, and then again, you can select the amount and make them fall in pairs or single sequences
* Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels
* Detailed fuel panel
* Simulated Oxigen system
* Detailed cockpit and exterior lights
* Accurate weapon loadouts including orndance weight.

Exterior features:
* Highly detailed exterior representation of AV-8B Plus which include:
* Working engine nozzles.
* Working air refueling probe.
* Accurate external loadouts.
* Dropable ordnance in free flight*s with multiple ordnance release options
* Accurate aircraft lights

Accurate and highly detailed paint schemes.

17 Paint Schemes
* VMA-211 “Wake Island Avengers” (previous, current and special scheme)
* VMA-214 “Blacksheeps” (previous and commemorative scheme)
* VMA-223 “Bulldogs” (current scheme)
* VMA-231 “Ace of Spades” (previous and current schemes)
* VMA-311 “Tomcats”(previous and current schemes)
* VMA-513 “Flying Nightmares” (previous and current schemes)
* VMA-542 “Tigers” (previous and current schemes)
AV-8B Plus Armada Española (Spanish Navy)
* 9a. Escuadrilla
AV-8B Plus Marina Militare (Italian Navy)
* 1o. Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati “The Wolves”

MUD Manual in PDF format. The final manual will be delivered with the avionics upgrade.

NOTE: This product version MK-1A addressed documented issues with the original version (MK-1). This is the full product, if you already purchased it, your account has been reset to 0 counts so you can re-download again, the Mk-1A will receive an avionics upgrade in a few weeks. The aircraft is fully operational as it is, the upgrade will allow further capabilities and increase realism

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