Radar Contact v5 development suspended

These are not good news, and due to “personal reasons”, John Dekker had to declare he has suspended his work on Radar Contact v5 development for 12 months, starting from July 1st.

The actual version 4 of Radar Contact (RCV4) is still available and will remain supported, with registration keys upon requests for a fresh install or even after purchase. If you’d like a much more complete and procedural ATC with key features like Step/Climb, AI traffic interactions, or SIDs/STARs support, Radar Contact V4 is a must have.

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  1. I very often thought about getting Radar Contact v4 for FS9. What kept me from doing it was my fear that many callsigns aren’t included and there is no possibility to edit/create new callsigns myself. So a good chunk of my AI planes would be “name-less” which I like even less than FS9 default ATC.

    Or has something been developed for v4 that solves the problem of missing callsigns?

  2. I do hope for JD this is not a health issue and that development can be picked up again later. RC4 whilst not perfect is far superior to the default offering. And the support offered by JD is usually fairly instant. I recently reinstalled RC4 and sent off my e-mail to re-enable. He responded within the hour and I was up and running. I would love to see a RC5 in FSX and P3D.

  3. rocketman,

    The current version of Radar Contact (4.3) gives you the ability to make your own call signs for any plane. The Airline list is complete and even has the FS9/FSX fake airlines as well. Radar Contact 4.3 is one of those add ons that will not go out of style for many years to come. I can wait for v5 until Mr Dekker is able to develop it. There are no missing call signs in Radar Contact version 4.3

  4. Wow! That´s the best FS-related info I have read since a very long time! I’ll definitely try it out.

    Only one quick check to avoid later disappointment: will Radar Contact 4.3 work under Windows 7? If yes it’ll be on my machine within the hour. I have read so much about it and always dreamed about having some of those features.

  5. No problem at all with Windows 7. I’ve used it for 2 years under 7 32 bits, I guess it’s the same with 64 bits. Just check it out in the support forum 🙂

  6. Sebastien, I am using RC v4.3 in Windows 7 64-bit. I would recommend not to install it under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) so that you don’t have access issues. Even with that I usually run FSX and add-ons with admin rights and everything works fine.

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