Coolsky/F1 Ultimate Airliners DC9

The Douglas (laterMDD, later still Boeing) DC-9 series is definitely an aviation classic. Having survived numerous modifications and upgrades with pretty much the same basic shape and capabilities, numerous examples are still flying all over the globe.

Probably because of this, it’s also a very popular subject for FS developers and CoolSky, having previously been responsible for the hugely popular “Super 80” product, have now released the MD-80’s predecessor for MS FSX through Flight1 Software.

For full details, the Press Release from F1 can be read by clicking on “Read More“, below.

Ultimate Airliners: The DC-9 Classic Released

Flight One Software is proud to announce that Coolsky, and their partner McPhat Studios, have released Ultimate Airliners: The DC-9 Classic for Flight Simulator X. This aircraft add-on is a state of the art simulation of the Douglas DC-9 aircraft for Flight Simulator X. The DC-9 Classic simulates the DC-9-30 series aircraft and represents a new level of realism, simulation accuracy, graphics quality and included features. The DC-9 Classic comes with fully operational 2D panel, plus a feature-rich 3D Virtual Cockpit modeled and textured by McPhat Studios. With everything modeled in 3D, even down to the smallest moving instrument parts, the virtual cockpit has been designed to maximize the immersion factor and to give you the feeling of ‘being there’ as you fly. The exterior aircraft model, also modeled and textured by McPhat Studios, is just as rich in detail as the virtual cockpit. There are moving parts all around down to the individual control tabs on the control surfaces. The package includes six liveries: Aeromexico, Alitalia, Eastern Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines and Ansett Airlines of Australia. Additional liveries are available through McPhat Studios World Airliner HD Livery Packs.

The DC-9 Classic package also includes a Navigation Simulator that will have you up to speed and flying by radio navigation in no time at all. Live interactive schematic drawings of all major systems to help you understand exactly what is going on with your aircraft and its systems, plus a in-depth Failure System that allows you to practice how to respond to different types of emergency and abnormal situations and scenarios – just like professional pilots do when they go in for their regular simulator training ride. The DC-9 Classic simulates 140+ individual system failures and situations in 3 categories of emergencies and 14 categories of abnormal situations. You can setup a single system to fail or you can set multiple systems to fail in sequence thus simulating broader failure scenarios.

The DC-9 Classic also features Coolsky’s trademark, Integrated Cockpit Training System. This training system guides you step-by-step through all the checklists and procedures necessary for the safe and proper operation of the aircraft. As you step through the training lesson, the training system will describe exactly what you need to do. The training system will also automatically open the appropriate panel window and highlight the instrument, switch or lever being discussed. All guess work and searching for switches has been taken out of the equation. The aircraft also includes an Automatic Aircraft Configuration feature that has been designed to completely and properly set up the aircraft for you according to the selected phase of flight. With the Flight Center, you can select the number of passengers and amount of cargo you will be transporting, as well as the fuel load needed for the planned flight in the Dispatch section of the Flight Center. You can open a complete Weight & Balance Control form for manual weight and balance calculations and you can print out a departure plan with a complete loadout summary, all in the Dispatch section of the Flight Center. Various options to customize your DC-9 Classic cockpit environment and training are also available in the Flight Center.

Free, downloadable User Manual and Pilot Operating Handbooks round out this fully loaded DC-9 Classic package. For more information, screenshots and to purchase this beautiful aircraft, click the following link:

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