Farming Simulator 2013 preview


A few ago, Giants Software was at Gamescom in Cologne (Germany) to showcase and enable the visitors to play for first time at Farming Simulator 2013.

This short video will give an overview of it if you didn’t go there.

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  1. As if we weren’t geeky enough. A farming sim! I ask you whatever next, a truck driving sim? DOH! (yes I’m being ironic I know we have one.)

    1. What’s possibly a little worrying is how well all the various versions of all the Farming Simulator series (there are three that I know of, from different developers) sell.

      People obviously enjoy them! Heck, Pro Farm 1 (Farm Sim add-on) is still the 10th best selling product at simMarket this week and it’s been out for months. Many FS developers would sell bits of their anatomies for the sales figures that farming sims get… It must be something in the digital country air. 😉

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