FS9 KATL Update from Imagine Sim

ImagineSim‘s FS9 rendition of the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta (KATL/ATL) in Georgia, USA, has received a facelift and update which is now available through simMarket, here.

Unfortunately the press release doesn’t tell us what has been updated, instead just telling us that it is an “extensive overhaul” compared to the previous version. Check it out by clicking on the link above.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 14:52

Interstingly, not only the press-notes do not contain any information about the “update”, but neither you get info if you ask directly. Only comment I got is: you can use the demo to see yourself. Nice. Second thing which is a little odd: you do not get any refunds or whatever if you own the previous version, so personally I do not consider this release as an “update” as such. Third, there is nothing known or stated about future AES support. As many ImagineSim airports have the support of AES, I guess KATL v2 will receive it as well, but… Read more »