X-Plane 10.10 released


The latest update to X-Plane 10, version 10.10, has been released today. X-Plane users should be prompted to install this the next time they run the software.

Click “read more” below to read the full newsgroup post by lead developer Austin Meyer, complete with his trademark CAPITAL LETTERS and overuse of exclamation marks!!

X-Plane 10.10 is final now!

Run your installer to get it.

This is the version of X-Plane 10 that would have been 10.00 in a perfect world: Really stable and well-tested, and good for tremendous amounts of bug-free use.

NEXT on our plate: 64-BIT!

THAT will make X-Plane 10.20 able to withstand any rendering option you can imagine entering without crashing!

Of course, the frame-rate will die off, depending on your computer, but you will be able to use your hardware for whatever it is worth, that’s for sure!

Then, once 10.20 is out with 64-bit and running the way we like, we will start aiming at 10.30… what shall it have?

Well, that depends on what you email me asking for! ;-P

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  1. I hope the future updates will include world wide scenery with some kind of airport buildings, and some software like FSPilots FSGLOBAL or ultimate FSGlobal as an complement.
    It is to naked and lonesome to land in the pacific islands, and in New Zeelan, and also in northern scandinavian

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