TrackIR Beta releases

It’s nice to see your hardware will have updated drivers so you can keep on using it for more years !

The popular head tracking device TrackIR has new drivers – in Beta versions – in order to support Windows 8 and Prepar3d flight simulator of Lockheed Martin.

Download, uninstall your actual driver and install the new one. Easy !

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  1. Good on you TrackIR people, clearly Lockheed Martin weren’t going to shift their high and mighty position on this issue. And it is just so essential for any form of realism in the sim.

  2. Tested these out yesterday using the TrackIR 4 version and they work great.

    No more EZCA required!

  3. Just got around to installing them, I have W7 64 bit. I did not uninstall the old V4 & v5 drivers and found the install managed to do the upgrade all by itself with no issues. Well done Naturalpoint.

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