Is Airliner XP A320 back on the tracks ?

For having checked their webpage again a few months ago, I’m sure Airliner XP has kept for all this long time their website up and running. But it has been updated as well.

The homepage layout changed, now you can read “Copyright © 2006-2012” at the bottom, … and a short announcement of A320 Airliner XPreleased shortly for FS9 first and FSX later, followed by the A330 and the A340.” Hands up !

If you are new comer in the FS community, Airliner XP made early announcements of such A320 project “many” years ago, involving some famous artists and experts in their first product developement with this brand new company. But then we haven’t heard much about them, just a few previews in 2007 and then nothing more.

While I’m writing about an Airbus project and designers in stealth mode, do not worry too much about NLS A380. Their website is down, but their facebook page says it’s due to “refurbish reasons”.

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    1. There is nothing known at this moment to let us believe this. Seat and wait.. there’s nothing more to do.

  1. I can’t believe it.

    It this piece of news were confirmed, it would be one of the best thing for all of us who are still flying on FS2004.

    Keeping in mind that all the airbus developers are focusing in FSX or P3D, it´s fairly good for many people Airliner XP would go on
    with his project and would be release a very good airbus 320 for FS9.

    I’m excited with your headline, but if anybody could add more information about this subject it would be wonderful


  2. I’m willing to bet that the copyright is going to change from “2006-2012” to “2006-2013” on 01/01/2003, 00:00:01. The forum is abandoned, some parts of the site are offline for years now – this project looks dead to me.

      1. OMG, it’s already 2012!? I must have missed so many great Airbus addons in the last 9 years…

        Ian, you’re of course right. I meant 2013. 🙂

  3. I’m sure the project is still at the same state unfortunatelly..

    I would like so much to see it on the market but it’s a dream, nothing else. It’s sad, we never had any explanations from the dev of what happened.

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