PMDG 777 news

According to the latest message posted at PMDG Facebook page, the 777 development is going very well. If you have noticed the past weeks silence, long time PMDG customers know it means positive news then.

A new internal version has been shared between development team members, and we can hope for an extensive virtual cockpit preview that “isn’t far off now“.

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  1. That is great news for simmers who don’t have enough with just having 4 or 5 diffent versions of the B777, including a high quality payware like the one from Captain Sim.
    Not that I intend not to show appreciation for what developers heve done for this community, but what about projects for aircrafts seem to be forgotten (at least for FSX) like DC-10, Twin Commanders, Dash-8 200-300, etc.
    It just getting a bit frustrating seeing multiple developers working on same aircraft projects. Are any of them styding what the market is missing? Just my thoughts. Thanks

    1. You must be joking. Please name a quality 777 product with almost all systems correctly working for FSX. Captain Sim doesn’t have any 777 product on the market, they are selling a Beta test at version 0.9 for now. They’ve just made the navigation display working, the FMC is not complete, and everybody know they make you wait until version 1.4 to have most bugs fixed (not all, oh my dear 757 and 767….). A bit short for a “high quality” payware. That’s why people seat and wait for PMDG 777. The first quality and complete 777 for FSX.

  2. What do you mean by “people seat and wait for PMDG 777?” Like “please have a seat, the captain wants to start engines.”

  3. I mean that people who are short on money should wait for PMDG 777 instead of getting the Captain Sim 777, if they can only pay one of them in these months. For PMDG release, we’re not talking about 2 years of patience so that’s the best advice i can give. About a complete and working 777 from Captain Sim, cleaned of bugs, it’s difficult to say how much time they will need, and if they can achieve to do so according to their latest products. Anyway, it remains some people kept satisfied of CS, good for them. Freedom and go PMDG 🙂

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