Virtual Dispatch : world map of FSX/P3D airports addons

One of the services offered by Virtual Dispatch is their Scenery Database. Each spot on the world map is a FSX (or Prepar3d) airport existing as an addon and reported as such in their database. Although it seems to be the most complete found on the web, it may not be exhaustive of all airports, and of all authors of one airport either. Anyway, if you wish to find new destinations but with a more realistic environment than the default terminal buildings, here’s a new bookmark you have to save.

Virtual Dispatch has been known for their online and free flight planning service, including airports infos and weather reports along the track drawn on the map. The navigation data updates are not free though, as they need Navigraph credits.

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  1. Tried to Register on their Web Site – but, I’m unable to, because of their Stupid “Question”, they want ya to answer !

    Heres the Question: “What comes after DELTA?”

    Now, that would depend on how your referring to it and what someone else has in mind !

    It could be Delta Airlines

    or ,,,,,

    Delta Force

    Delta Airways

    a whole host of things depending on how its being used and why !

    Really poor idea for a Question ~ !!

    Well, Itried all kinds of things, and I’ll pass on providing them with any OREGON / WASHINGTON Airport Scenery I know about and have installed.

    Their gonna have to do better than this, IF, they want user input from Simmers !


  2. You can try ECHO. It worked for more than 1500 registrations before without any problem. You need some spambot measurements these days. But that question is really easy man, if you have a problem with that, you might not be able to create a flightplan 😉

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