WW1 US Trainer from Flysimware

Mention “Scout” around most WW1 aircraft fans and the chances are they’ll think of theBritish Sopwith fighting scout, but in this case, Flysimware have modelled an aircraft that looks similar, with a similar name, but a quite different role for FSX SP2/Accel.

The Thomas-Morse S-4 Scout was a trainer, used towards and after the end of the war in Europe, with the interesting feature of engine power not being controlled by the throttle, but instead by use of switched magnetos. Flysimware’s model comes in two variants and with three paint schemes in both “high” and “standard” definition. With minimal gauges and the unusual engine control system, this could be an interesting new challenge to add to the line-up in your hangar. Take a look here for more information.

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