JustFlight Traffic 360 Upgrade released

JustFlight have issued a press release to say that the upgrade from Traffic X to their new Traffic 360 product has been released and is now available.

The upgrade for Traffic 360 is now available. Pre-orders have been honoured and now the update is available to purchase from the Just Flight website to the general public. The update will only work if you are a current owner/user of Traffic X.

Full details are here:

We have also put the full version on pre-order today. Released on the 16th November, anyone wanting to get their hands on the full product can pre-order now and save money. It’s available at the reduced price of £19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99 (Normally £24.99 / €30.95 $37.99)

Full details are here:

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  1. I would not get this if I was anybody. It does not update current aircraft routes. Delta Airlines still has its old 2000-something livery along with its new 2007 livery. United and Continental are still two seperate airlines and Northwest Airlines still exists in this software.

  2. You can customise the dates within which any livery will appear. Say the old Delta livery – use the Traffic Control Center to set it to stop appearing in 2010. If you then use the system time and date for your FSX session, it wont appear. If you would like to visit some time in the past for a given session (by setting the date when you start the session), you can have only the types and liveries appropriate to that date appear. I think that’s quite neat, actually. I just wish all AI traffic didn’t land like it was a C152, stopping in 6-700ft!

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